Times when the International Community failed to address Climate Change

There has been incidents in the past which made a couple of climate summits a huge fail in world history. However, the mistakes which were once made are not repeated; knowing the reality about the impacts of climate change, the international community is doing its part to 'curb' climate change. But just a quick thought-wouldn't…Read more Times when the International Community failed to address Climate Change


LGsmart.TV: Petition for Tuvalu?

Last Friday I came across a friend who was telling me about Tuvalu's petition against climate change in conjunction with LG Smart TV. I got curious as to how this petition worked and she (my journo colleague Chris) sent me a video which had been circulating around Facebook for quite some time lately (meanwhile I…Read more LGsmart.TV: Petition for Tuvalu?

Disappearing Solomon Islands

Solomon Islands,  also known as one of the Pacific's unspoiled paradise, is a group of 1000 green islands which lie scattered  within a dazzling sea. As described by one of my journo colleagues Travis,  the Solomons is a unique blend of cultures, clear blue waters and warm sandy beaches. "The ocean in Solomons is so…Read more Disappearing Solomon Islands

Kiribati Crisis: Our Cry for Help

Kiribati, an Island nation of the Pacific with an average of two meters above sea level is one of major target of climate change. Being an Island nation with a 'strange' geographic feature, Kiribati is a stretch of thirty three atoll islands across the Pacific Ocean and the islands are so low, that from the…Read more Kiribati Crisis: Our Cry for Help