Last Friday I came across a friend who was telling me about Tuvalu’s petition against climate change in conjunction with LG Smart TV. I got curious as to how this petition worked and she (my journo colleague Chris) sent me a video which had been circulating around Facebook for quite some time lately (meanwhile I had no idea about this *bummer*).

After I watched this empowering video (linked below) about Tuvalu, I started doing my research on this topic; how many people signed the petition, what’s the content of it, where can I access it from and when it will reach the UN.

Tuvalu is one of the smallest islands  among the islands scattered in the Pacific Ocean and has a small population of 12,000 residents who live on the nine atolls. It is ranked as the fourth smallest country in the world, in terms of land area. Climate change is having a massive impact on this country; causing shifts in climate zones, a rise in sea levels and fluctuations in weather patterns. Farmlands may experience droughts, while deserts could become vast stretches of oases. Food crop reduction is a possibility and the salination of groundwater is very likely. The islands of Tuvalu have progressively lost their fresh groundwater resources, not only due to sea-level rise, but also because of human pollution. The agricultural sector, Fisheries sector, Health sector and many more sectors are affected by climate change and are becoming more disaster prone over the years.

Tuvalu is considered to be the first country to sink in the next few decades as a result of climate change. This threat has led the LG Smart TV and Grey Argentina advertising agency to launch a campaign called #ayudemosaTuvalu packed by a video case (which is inserted below). This campaign is to create more awareness about climate change and how the islands in the Pacific are subjected to it.

As real and true as it may sound, that the first world companies are now giving in a helping hand to the developing nations in the battle against climate change, it is far from being even a spark from the truth. Apparently, after seeing the video made by Grey Argentina agency, I went online to look into the petition on but I was surprised to see that the site did not have any related content (check it out yourself guys, I’m not lying). Moreover it was an old website which dated back to 2011!

I then did Google search for #HelpTuvalu and #ayudemosaTuvalu and all I got was a webpage error. Check these out:

  1. This website has a blog on it with a link on it redirecting to the petition
  2. This webpage (Japanese webpage) with Tuvalu’s content all over it also has the petition link

I want you to click on any of those two hyperlinks and access the petition.

Just in case you are wondering, no, there’s nothing wrong with your internet connection or your browser. The page is just unavailable.

This video was released recently, but the petition is not shown online. There has been no discussion about this ‘campaign’ by the media and whatsoever. So could it be a scam? I don’t think so, but I don’t agree either.


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