Solomon Islands,  also known as one of the Pacific’s unspoiled paradise, is a group of 1000 green islands which lie scattered  within a dazzling sea. As described by one of my journo colleagues Travis,  the Solomons is a unique blend of cultures, clear blue waters and warm sandy beaches.

“The ocean in Solomons is so clear that people see can fish through it!”- Travis  (I loved this quote-when I spoke to him so I thought to share it with you guys)

The majority of people, around 571,000 live in the rural areas of the islands and are dependent on agriculture, forestry and fisheries for food security and livelihoods. According to the 2007 World Bank report 84%  of the people living in rural areas rely mostly on traditional food production system, traditional knowledge and strong agriculture systems. Out of the 84% of the rural dwellers, a large majority of residents reside on hilly areas along very low lying coastal areas with very high exposure to the adverse weather conditions.

While talking to another one of my journo colleagues, Chrisinrita, she told me that in her father’s village back in Solomons, the men there are skilled fisher folks and they know when their catch would come closer to the coast by looking at the first moon (The moon and tides connection) . However, due to climate change, their food sources are impacted severely impacted.

The past decade has not been very nice to the region. Climate change has led to rise in sea levels whereby the islands are now beginning to deteriorate. The sea level is rising way faster than one could imagine. Just a few days ago, it was announced that five Pacific Islands in the Solomon Islands are underwater. Those islands were mostly used for picnic grounds and fishing. Many islands  are undergoing erosion from the rise in sea levels and the five islands that ‘drowned’ were uninhabited. Six more  islands have experienced dramatic shoreline reduction due to man made climate change.

Since the sea is beginning to come inland, it has forced the villagers to to restart their lives on higher grounds. Many people in the Solomon Islands have had to flee rising sea levels using their own limited resources; the government helps the islanders by providing safety nets  and aid.

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